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New Years Resolutions for Dog Owners

  1. Go for walks in new neighborhoods Taking the same walking route every day isn’t only dull for you – it gets boring for your pup, too! Challenge your dog with new sights and smells by checking out a new neighborhood every couple of weeks. This resolution is especially good if you’re new to Chicago and haven’t yet explored the streets beyond your route to work or dog daycare.

  2. Brush your dog’s teeth This is a tricky one, but do your best to brush your dog’s teeth at least once per week. If your dog is adverse to a toothbrush (as most are), try putting some doggie toothpaste on your finger and massaging her gums. This simple act will help prevent teeth extractions and costly cleaning procedures at the vet.

  3. Play your dog’s favorite game daily I get it – we’re all busy. But part of having a dog is giving him that special attention he requires to feel loved. Even if you take your pup to dog daycare, that special one-on-one time where you’re focused on praising and interacting with your dog will strengthen your bond.

  4. Start an emergency fund for your dog Though it’s unpleasant to think about, it’s smart to have a small amount of money set aside in case of a medical emergency. This is especially important if you don’t have pet insurance. Stashing even a little bit of cash away each month will soften the blow in case you’re faced with a costly vet bill.

  5. Eliminate your dog’s behavior issues Your pup is pretty close to perfect. But does she have a behavior issue that needs to be corrected? Leash aggression, jumping up, and begging for table food are all unsavory behaviors that can be corrected with the help of a professional. You and your dog will be much happier in the New Year once any behavior problems are resolved.

  6. Organize and rotate your dog’s toys If your dog is as spoiled as mine, he probably got at least five new toys over the holidays. Now is a great time to take inventory of old toys and toss out the ones that have seen better days. New toys can be rotated every couple of months to make them last longer and prevent your dog from getting bored.

Do you have a New Years resolution as a dog owner? Share it with us on The Doggy Dojo Facebook page.

Happy New Year!

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