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Is Dog Daycare Right for Your Dog?


So, what’s an exasperated dog owner to do with a lonely, bored, high-energy pup? For many, the answer is dog daycare (ideally, The Doggy Dojo). While dog daycare isn’t for everyone or every dog, it’s certainly worth looking into if your pup enjoys playing and socializing with others. To see if dog daycare is a good fit for your canine companion, consider the following items.

Is your dog…

  1. Neutered or spayed?

  2. Friendly at the dog park?

  3. In good health?

  4. Up-to-date on vaccinations (Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP, yearly Fecal Exam)?

  5. Well-socialized?

  6. In need of more exercise than he/she can get at home?

If you answered, “yes” to the questions above and think your dog would benefit from supervised play and socialization, consider setting up an appointment at The Doggy Dojo. Once we meet you and your pup in person and are able to evaluate his or her temperament, you can start bringing your dog to the Dojo as often as you’d like. Before long, you’ll be coming home to a tired, cuddly pup at the end of a long day. Doesn’t that sound nice? If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We look forward to welcoming your dog into The Doggy Dojo pack.

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