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Dogs in the News | October 2014

Image by Found Animals Foundation on Flickr.com

Image by Found Animals Foundation on Flickr.com

If someone were to ask you why you watch the news or read the paper, what would you say? Probably something like, “I like to know what’s going on in the world” or “It’s important to me to keep current on the local and national news stories.” Well, we’re right there with you. However, regardless of comprehensive the New York Times may be, there is something near and dear to your heart that traditional news outlets won’t be reporting on any time soon. Your dog!

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not downplaying the importance of knowing about ISIS, Ebola, or any of the other major stories making headlines. What we’re trying to say is that there are topics and issues that could have a direct influence on your dog without you even knowing! Things like food and treat recalls, Leptospirosis outbreaks, and even happy stories of heroic acts are all worthy of being considered as a regular part of your news consumption. With this in mind, The Doggy Dojo brings you this week’s biggest canine headlines all in one handy list.

Dallas Ebola Patient’s Dog Will Not be Euthanized After an infected healthcare worker’s dog was euthanized by the Spanish government last week, Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, has announced that the dog of the Dallas healthcare worker who tested positive for the Ebola virus will not be euthanized.

Read the full story via The Dogington Post.

Experts: No evidence dogs get, spread Ebola Ronald Harty, associate professor of microbiology at Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine, says “It is highly unlikely a dog, cat or any other domestic animal could contract or transmit [the Ebola virus].”

Read the full story via The News Journal.

KONG Announces Limited Recall of Jumbo Aussie Sticks Jakk’s Pacific, Inc. and KONG have voluntarily recalled two lots of dog treats from PetSmart stores due to non-toxic mold growth. Both dog treat product lots affected by this recall are in the process of being destroyed.

Read the full story via PetMD.

Dog Interrupts Argentine Soccer Match, Gets Pets and Snuggles An Argentine soccer match between Belgrano and Quilmes had to be temporarily stopped when a curious puppy wandered onto the field. One player was unable to resist the young pup’s adorable charm and showered him with affection!

Read the full story and see the video via The Dogington Post.

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