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Dogs in the News | November 2014

Image by Found Animals Foundation on Flickr.com

Image by Found Animals Foundation on Flickr.com

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and Thanksgiving is so close you can almost taste it. Yep – it’s November, which means it’s time to read up on this month’s biggest dog-related news headlines. From stories about a drug that could extend your pup’s life, to Chicago’s crackdown on pet owners with unlicensed dogs, to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to speed up animal adoptions, you’ll find it all right here.

Researchers testing drug that might extend dogs’ lives by 15 percent Researchers at the University of Washington are raising money and testing a drug that might extend dogs’ lives. Those behind The Dog Aging Project “believe that improving healthy lifespan in pet dogs is a worthy goal in and of itself.” The study should start in the next 6 months.

Read the full story via Dr. Marty Becker.

Is Chicago finally preparing to crack down on unlicensed dogs? Chicago’s threat to crack down on over 653,000 owners of unlicensed dogs has always been more bark than bite. But that may be about to change. There’s a new section on dog licenses tied to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 2015 budget, and the fine for unlicensed dogs will dramatically increase from a one-time penalty of $30-to-$200 to the same amount for every day until a dog license is purchased.

Read the full story via the Chicago Sun-Times.

Search For One Lost Dog Helps Find Another A German Shepherd named Hoss, who was missing for almost a year and a half, has been found and reunited with his family. The dog was found by a group of North Shore animal lovers who have spent the past year trying to find a different dog named Holly, a rescued German Shepherd who disappeared from Wilmette. The owner came and rescued Hoss, who had been on his own for more than 500 days.

Read the full story via CBS Chicago.

Aldermen advance Emanuel’s plan to speed animal adoptions The City of Chicago impounds 23,000 animals per year and euthanizes about 6,000 of them. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s goal to reduce this number includes plans to speed animal adoption. The ordinance sailed through a City Council committee Monday after animal-loving aldermen were assured the goal was to euthanize fewer stray dogs and cats — not more of them.

Read the full story via the Chicago Sun-Times.

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