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Dog 911: First Aid Kit and Tips

Every dog owner’s worst fear is something terrible happening to his or her beloved pooch. Whether it’s as minor as a bug bite or as serious as a choking incident, we all need to be prepared to come to our dogs’ rescue in any situation. That’s why the American Red Cross has chosen April to be Pet First Aid Awareness Month. As we head into spring and summer, it’s important to know what to do in the event of heat stroke and other hazards that come along with the shift in seasons.

For starters, keep a dog first aid kit handy in case of an emergency at home, at the dog park, or while on vacation. Here are some items to include:

  1. Storage container with snap lock lid

  2. Gauze for swabbing, padding or wound cover

  3. Tweezers

  4. Saline solution for flushing debris from eyes

  5. Antibiotic ointment for wounds

  6. Sterile gloves

  7. 3% hydrogen peroxide

  8. Vet wraps that cling to legs and paws (but not fur)

  9. Non-adhesive sterile pads

  10. Q-tips

  11. A towel

  12. Styptic powder or cornstarch to help stop bleeding

  13. Benadryl for allergic reactions

  14. Instant cold pack

  15. A plastic card (like a library card) to scrape singers from skin

  16. A first-aid book for pets

  17. A list of emergency numbers for your dog’s vet, an after-hours emergency animal hospital, and the National Animal Poison Control Center

Now that you have your dog first aid kit prepared, VetDepot.com tells you how to help your pup in a variety of situations.

source: vetdepot.com

source: vetdepot.com

Here at The Doggy Dojo, our staff is fully prepared to care for your four-legged friend. You can rest easy knowing your pup will have a blast playing at dog daycare under our careful supervision.

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