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Does Your Dog Have Seasonal Allergies?


To determine if your dog has seasonal allergies, take a peek at the signs and symptoms below.

Ears Pawing at ears Shaking head Discharge Strong odor

Skin Itching Obsessive grooming Hair loss Skin redness

Paws Itching Excessive licking or chewing at paws Redness or soreness Discoloration from licking

If your dog has been licking and scratching more than usual as of late, he or she might be suffering from seasonal allergies. Irritation from grass and tree pollen among other allergens is rampant this time of year, and can make your pup terribly uncomfortable if left untreated. After noting a change in your dog’s behavior, the first step is to make an appointment with your veterinarian to make sure the cause for discomfort stems from what’s blooming outdoors. The good news is that your dog’s ailments can be alleviated with the use of a topical treatment, oral medication, a change in diet, or a soothing shampoo. Before long, your dog will be back to her normal self and ready for new and exciting adventures in the great outdoors.

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