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6 Unique Dog House Designs

If your dog is a regular at The Doggy Dojo, he’s probably a pretty social pup that loves being around other humans and dogs. Though, however sociable your four-legged friend may be, our dogs also enjoy having a safe place where they can retreat at the end of a long day. Traditionally, dog packs lived in warm and secure dens – which would explain why your pup enjoys sleeping in (and often taking over) your blankets and pillows. While we can’t promise you that the investment in a unique dog house will allow you to reclaim your side of the bed, we can promise that your dog will love having a space of his own to call “home.”

The Mod House This piece is perfect for the apartment or condo dweller. Plus, it doubles as an end table. Bonus!


A Room with a View This dog house with a private roof deck is perfect for pups who love to sunbathe.


Pup On-the-Go This unique dog house modeled after an old airstream trailer is the ideal abode for a dog with wanderlust.


Big City Living A Brooklyn brownstone was the inspiration for this charming dog house.


The Eco-Friendly House One person’s trash is another person’s treasure when it comes to this unique dog house. Old bottles adorn the exterior giving the home an eclectic look.

Dog house made out of recycled materials, bottles, and glass items.

The Fred Flintstone Your pup will feel right at home in this cool and cozy dog house. The “Dog Cave” is a large boulder that is completely waterproof and features wall-to-wall carpet.


We hope you found these unique dog house designs to be inspiring as you start shopping for a dog house of your own. Or, if you want to create a truly custom masterpiece for your four-legged friend, why not go the DIY route? Not only does providing your pup with his own private den give him the security he craves, the newest addition to your home will undoubtedly be the envy of your neighborhood. Does your pup already have a unique dog house? Feel free to share a picture of your dog’s digs on The Doggy Dojo Facebook page!

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