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6 Tips for Saving Money on Dog Supplies


However, I know I’m not alone when I say that our pups are totally worth it. Being greeted with a big smile and a wagging tail after a long day is truly priceless. That being said, it would be nice to save money on dog supplies. Wouldn’t it? Here are The Doggy Dojo’s favorite tips for keeping your dog and you wallet happy.

  1. Cash in your credit card points Many credit cards offer points that you can redeem at a bunch of different stores. If your credit card company offers gift cards to PetSmart or Petco, cash in your points for free money towards supplies for your four-legged friend.

  2. Use your rewards cards If you don’t have a keyfob from both PetSmart and Petco, you should! You rack up points with every purchase. Just keep an eye on your inbox to make sure coupons and discount codes don’t go to your SPAM folder.

  3. Shop online Sites like Wag.com, PetSmart and Petco are always running sales, handing out coupons, and offering free shipping on all sorts of essentials for your dog. Take advantage of these promos while you can and keep a stockpile of treats, food, and medication in your garage or storage unit.

  4. Buy secondhand Need to upgrade your dog’s food and water bowls? Or how about a new leash or a winter coat? Look for used items at garage sales and on sites like Craigslist. As long as they look and smell clean, make an offer. Just be sure to thoroughly clean any used products before allowing your dog to use them. A spray like Lysol will take care of bacteria and fungi.

  5. Go the DIY route For dog owners who are gifted at arts and crafts, take a look at the dog DIY projects we’ve pinned on The Doggy Dojo Pinterest boards. There are probably a bunch of items lying around your house that you can repurpose for your pup. For example, you can turn old t-shirts into new dog toys.

  6. Get on social media Follow your favorite groomer, pet supply store, and dog daycare on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’ll be the first to know about secret sales, contests, and specials reserved for their most loyal fans.

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