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6 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe on Thanksgiving


1. Secure your dog’s collar and identification

With so many guests coming and going, all it takes is one second for your dog to slip out the front door. Be sure to put your dog’s collar and identification back on after his pre-holiday grooming appointment.

2. Get your dog microchipped

In case your dog isn’t wearing her collar when she escapes, a microchip is the best form of backup identification. You can take your pup to the vet for a quick and easy procedure before Thanksgiving arrives.

3. Keep your dog out of the kitchen

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, there’s going to be a lot of commotion in the kitchen leading up to the big meal. Occupy your dog with a stuffed Kong or a new bone to keep her from being underfoot throughout the day.

4. Beware of harmful foods

Many of the foods that go into preparing a knockout Thanksgiving dinner are harmful, and potentially fatal, to your dog. Turkey skin, cooked bones, onions and garlic, nuts, nutmeg, chocolate, dough, and batter are all no-no’s for Fido.

5. Keep your dog’s water bowl full

When there are extra guests in the house, there’s a higher likelihood that your dog’s water bowl will get bumped into, leaving him pretty thirsty. Keep an eye on your pup’s water level and refill with fresh water throughout the day.

6. Tie up the garbage

All of the harmful foods on our dinner plates will inevitably end up in the trash. Be sure your garbage can is tied and secured so your dog doesn’t get into it and think she hit the jackpot.

With the proper planning and precautions, you and your dog are guaranteed have a joyful and safe holiday. From all of us at The Doggy Dojo, Happy Thanksgiving!

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