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6 DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

October is easily my favorite month of the year. Hayrides, visits to the pumpkin farm, apple picking, and jumping in the leaves (my dog’s favorite activity) all culminate with Halloween, which is coming up in just a few weeks. If you’re not typically one to buy your dog a Halloween costume, I don’t blame you. They can be overpriced and aren’t made to fit dogs with unusual body types (I’m looking at you, dachshunds). Luckily, it’s pretty simple to make your dog a costume that’s easy on your wallet and fits your pup perfectly. Not to mention, you’ll get bonus points for creativity.

Don’t consider yourself an arts and crafts whiz? No problem! These DIY dog Halloween costumes are totally doable regardless of your skill level.


Remember Beanie Babies? Turn your pup into a collectible by making a red, heart-shaped tag to attach to her collar. You can even add your dog’s birthday and life story inside the tag just like the real thing.


You can easily make your dog a mummy costume with some white gauze! Loosely wrap the gauze around your pup, leaving the area around her face and “elimination zones” clear.


Everyone loves a Hostess cupcake! Turn your pup into a sweet treat by buying a dark brown shirt or hoodie and painting the iconic swirl of frosting on the back. Get the DIY instructions here.


This one will take a bit of precision, but it will look so cool when you pull it off. Make your dog a skeleton costume by painting or gluing white felt in the shape of bones on a black shirt or hoodie. Get the DIY instructions here.


Martha Stewart has outdone herself with this adorable dinosaur costume! You can get the DIY instructions here.


If you have a squishy-faced dog, an E.T. costume is the way to go. All you have to do is wrap your pup in a blanket and put him in a basket. Bike optional!

We hope these ideas for DIY dog Halloween costumes got you thinking about how to dress your pup on the spookiest night of the year. If you make your dog a costume, please share pictures with us on The Doggy Dojo Facebook page!

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