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5 Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Source: Cara Romano / Via lovemedophotography.com

Source: Cara Romano / Via lovemedophotography.com

If it seems like every other day you’re getting another wedding invitation in the mail, you’re not alone. According to Today’s Bride, September and October are two of the most popular months to say, “I do.” Some of you may even be planning autumn nuptials of your own. If this is you, the end of summer is prime time to finalize last-minute details to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch.

For many of us dog owners, our pups have stood by our sides through some of life’s biggest milestones. Whether it was buying your first house, moving across the country, graduating from your master’s program, or starting your first “grownup” job, there’s no doubt our furry friends have had our backs through thick and thin. That being said, it’s only appropriate to make them feel included in what’s likely the biggest event of all: Your wedding.

It wouldn’t be your special day without your furry family member. Plus, is there anything more adorable than a dog in a tux? Here are five ways to include your dog in your wedding.

  1. Use your dog to propose Your pup is one of the biggest parts of your life, so why not let him or her help you ask one of the biggest questions of your life? You can customize a collar or tie the engagement ring to one you already have. Or, create a sign to hang around your dog’s neck. Who could say no to such a face?

  2. Include your pup in your engagement photos When you choose to marry a dog owner, accepting his or her pup as your own is part of the deal. Invite your dog to star in your engagement photos to celebrate the occasion as big step for the entire family – canine included.

  3. Give your dog a special job at your wedding Depending on your dog’s personality, you may choose to give him or her a special job at your wedding. Whether it’s sign holder, ring bearer, flower girl, or simply having him or her sit by your side throughout the ceremony, your dog will be thrilled to be included.

  4. Mention your pup in your vows If your dog doesn’t do well around big groups of people or isn’t allowed at the ceremony or reception venues, mentioning him or her in your vows is a nice way to recognize the important role he or she plays in you and your spouse’s life together.

  5. Subtly include your dog in your décor There’s no need to go overboard with doggy-inspired décor, but there’s nothing wrong with infusing your wedding reception with a touch of canine whimsy. Commission a custom cake topper that includes your dog, or send guests off with wedding favors that include a special treat for their four-legged friends.

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