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5 Common (and Bizarre) Dog Behaviors Explained


Digging Your dog’s digging behavior is written deep in his DNA. Dogs are instinctually inclined to dig to hide or uncover food, such as small rodents. If it becomes a major issue, you can train your dog to release energy in a more productive (and less destructive) manner.

Eating poop There are a number of reasons why dogs eat feces. Your pup may be looking for attention, but it’s also possible she’s in search of nutrients or digestive enzymes. If your dog is eating feces, it’s a good idea to get her checked out in case there is an underlying problem.

Chasing his tail When your pup chases her tail, don’t read into it too much. She’s likely bored or looking for attention. This behavior is as nonchalant as you twiddling your thumbs or twirling a piece of hair.

Going crazy after a bath Having wet fur is an odd sensation for your pup. Going ballistic upon exiting the bath is your pup’s attempt to get dry and make that weird feeling go away as soon as possible.

Licking From the moment your dog was born his mother licked him. As he got older, your pup began to recognize the licking behavior as a sense of dominance. Today, when your dog licks you, it’s to show that they know you’re the boss.

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