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4 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Warm this Winter

Photo by: Matt Deavenport

Photo by: Matt Deavenport

We all knew it was coming. We’ve had a pretty mild winter in Chicago thus far, but the dreadful weather is finally here. If it’s not snowing, it’s sleeting or super windy. Today we get to enjoy all three! I hope you’re bundled up, because the chilly temperatures aren’t going anywhere soon.

With several months of arctic air ahead, we thought you could use some guidelines for keeping your dog warm. After all, whether inside or out, our pups get cold just like we do. To prevent icy noses and frosty paws this winter, consider implementing some of the tips below. Your pup will be safe, happy, and toasty warm until the first signs of spring.

  1. Give your pup a warm place to sleep Your dog’s bed should be at least three inches off the floor to avoid chilly drafts. Additionally, you may want to buy a microwaveable heating pad, such as the Snuggle Safe Pet Heating Pad, for your dog to sleep with at night. Simply heat the pad in the microwave and place beneath your pup’s sleeping spot for a warm night of rest.

  2. Invest in the proper gear If you’re a dog owner who scoffs at the notion of dressing your pup in the latest fashion, hear us out. Outfitting your dog in a sweater and jacket is actually a smart idea when the weather is really nasty. Just be sure to choose something that has a waterproof nylon covering. If your dog tolerates them, booties will protect his feet from the salt and snow.

  3. Throw your dog a bone Rather, give your dog extra food throughout the day. If your dog’s appetite has increased over the last few weeks, there’s a good reason why. Dogs use up more calories during winter trying to stay warm. There’s nothing wrong with feeding your pup a little bit more during winter, especially if he spends a lot of time outside.

  4. Show your dog some extra love It may sound cheesy, but nothing warms your dog’s heart more than a special treat, belly rub, or snuggle on the couch. For some holiday treat recipes, click here. We also have some rainy day games you can play with your dog to give him some extra mental and physical stimulation outside of dog daycare.

How does your pup like to keep warm during winter? Share your photos and ideas with us on The Doggy Dojo Facebook Page!

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