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To make sure your pet receives the same love, care, and attention from our family as it does from yours

Dojo Philosophy

The Doggy Dojo was founded in 2010 by Oscar Cruz and Carlos Zambrano, lifelong friends who share a passion for animals. Not content with just being one of the longest-established independent dog daycares in the city, Oscar and Carlos are deeply invested in constantly improving every aspect of the Doggy Dojo. We're not trying to be better than other daycare providers, but we are trying to be better than we were yesterday. 

A day in the life at the Doggy Dojo is busy from morning until bedtime! We work tirelessly to keep our customers and pups delighted, and are always brainstorming new and creative ways to bring more joy into their lives. From little tweaks (new Dojo swag, and a new website!) to bigger system updates (adopting Slack to keep Team Dojo better connected), there's no adjustment we won't make to better serve our customers and each other. 


Our measure of success is not our bottom line, but the quality of life for everyone involved with the Dojo. Choosing the Doggy Dojo as your daycare helps us keep lifting up our staff to greater success while they pursue their passion - exceptional pet care with a personal touch. 

Golden Retriever

Our Team

Members of Team Dojo are, first and foremost, kind people. They are kind to the pups, the clients, and to each other. Gratitude is the watchword here, and we encourage everyone to recognize when anyone (co-worker, client, or pup!) lends a helping hand or brightens the day. All of the team members that work directly with the pups are Pet CPR certified. All of the team members, regardless of their role, are invested in providing the best level of care to our human and animal clients in every interaction.


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