Q: Do you teach dogs martial arts?
A: No, but that would be awesome. There is absolutely no fighting allowed at the “Dojo.” We named our day care The Doggy Dojo because we thought it would be a fun name for the business.

Q: Will you feed my doggy?
A: Although we do not proactively give treats, we can certainly feed your pup upon request with supplied food.  We ask that all meals be portioned in advance.

Q: Will my doggy be given a potty break?
A: Absolutely! Since we have water readily available, we know our doggy guests will have to relieve themselves during the day. The doggies take potty breaks every 30-45 minutes in our outdoor area.

Q: I’m interested in your services. What is required?
A: The first thing we need to do is set up an appointment to meet you and your doggy in person. We also need two sets of keys to your home for the pick up and drop off. Lastly, we need vet records. Your doggy must be up to date on all routine shots (Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP, yearly Fecal Exam).