Dojo Staff


Oscar Cruz – Founder
I started the Doggy Dojo with my life long friend, Carlos, to offer clients a safe, reliable, fun and affordable doggy day care. My childhood pup Doby, a Golden Retriever, taught me so much about the bond between us and our pets. Doby is the one that inspired me to start a day care that gives back to our doggy friends without breaking the bank. I also thank my mom and dad for showing me what hard work really is and supporting my love of animals. I graduated from Gordon Tech in the 1998, studied at UIC and NEIU, and acquired IT certifications through a vocational school. Before starting the Doggy Dojo, I worked as an IT Coordinator for a pharmaceutical company in Deerfield, Illinois. I enjoy spending my spare time with my family and two canine kids, Cuervo, and Pockette. I am certified in pet CPR and first aid through American Red Cross of Chicago.


Carlos Zambrano – Founder
I was born and raised in Chicago. I went to catholic schools for grade school and high school. I had a brief stint at Wright College for my associates, and finally graduated from Columbia College with my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design in 2005. I’ve always loved dogs, but dad was never big on the idea of having one. Then in November of 2008, my girlfriend, knowing how much I wanted a dog, surprised me with a two month old Pit bull puppy; which we named Bluke. It was the best gift I’ve ever received (that’s why I’m marrying her). At the time I was working as a sales rep for a cellular provider in a retail store. The hours didn’t leave a lot of time for Bluke, and left him frustrated and destructive. I wanted to find a way to provide him with the outlet he needed and frankly, I hated my job. Long story short, fate brought Oscar back into my life. We put our ideas together and the Doggy Dojo was born. Now, I love what I do, and I get to do it with my buddy.  I am certified in pet CPR and first aid through American Red Cross of Chicago.


Cuervo Lee-Cruz – Pack Member
Hello. My name is Cuervo. My human family rescued me from an animal hoarder, but I don’t really remember because I was a puppy. For the longest time I thought my name was “leave it,” until my brother Ozzy explained what it actually meant. I can’t help that I’m curious. I love tissue paper. At the day care they call me the “Sheriff” because I bark at dogs that play too rough. The ladies love my underbite.



Osvaldo “Ozzy” Lee-Cruz – Pack Member
Oh hi! My name is Ozzy. Don’t let my barking fool you, I’m actually just a bit insecure. My human family rescued me from an animal hoarder. I like to wear bandannas with bright colors. My brother Cuervo is always getting into trouble. He’s not as obedient as me. I love tennis balls. They call me “the man” at the day care. I guess because I walk around like I am “the man.” I can’t wait until my next fetch play session.



Bluke – Pack Member
I was born in September of 2008 along with 7 brothers and sisters. I spent a couple of months playing with my siblings until this lady named Jeanny and her friend Jen came by and were looking at us. Jen picked me out and Jeanny took me home with her. She then gave me to a man named Carlos and I got to live with them in their condo. I got my own bed and all the toys I could chew on, which was great since I was used to sharing. Carlos became my BFF and now we’re inseparable. I love long walks at the park, around the neighborhood, or pretty much anywhere-unless it’s raining. I don’t like water. Chewing on stuff is my favorite activity next to fetch and tug-o-war. I’ve also worked on my repertoire of tricks which include sit, stay, down, speak, paw, roll over, and high five. I love meeting new people, even though sometimes they’re a little scared of me. All I really want to do is lick their face. Life is even better now because I get to go to the Dojo with Carlos, and I have a lot of friends to play with. Sometimes, they even come over and stay with us. I love the Dojo!